Uncover Hidden Revenue with a Proven Toolset

imageFusion has created a Revenue Projection Workbook for our clients to download and use for free. Refined with actual clients since 2010, the workbook has already provided significant value simply by helping them understand what revenue they were leaving on the table and where to refocus their efforts to grow faster. The tool allows clients to:

  • Get a monthly revenue potential by inputting only 5 key assumptions
  • Project revenue at a contract-level to optimize sales channels and keep the team accountable
  • Identify trends among prospective clients and avoid spending time on high-cost, low-revenue potential contracts
  • Uncover potential shortfalls in the sales strategy months in advance of revenue recognition
  • Test new revenue-generating strategies

Client Example: In October 2010, Fusion was engaged by the owner of a mid-size systems integrator that had built a $14 million business in IT staff augmentation. The company had strong sales, due in part to its MBE status. While the company was on trend to continue growing at a pace of 23% annually, the MBE status would ultimately restrict the companies growth at a cap of $25 million in annual revenue. Fusion was challenged to uncover new revenue-generating strategies so the company could grow, unrestricted.


Results: Fusion worked with the client to institutionalize the Revenue Projection Workbook from day 1 and, combined with the other pro-formas, continued to interpret the data with senior management for the following 12 months. The following improvements resulted:

  • The business owner was able to self finance growth investments, using “tomorrow’s” profits, because of the added confidence in future earnings.
  • Collecting Best Case, Most Likely, and Worst Case for Contract Values allowed for added focus on the more likely wins and avoidance of the contracts with little chance of success.
  • When revenue projections dipped below the model’s pessimistic projections, the team made adjustments to identify the weak points in their sales strategy – months in advance of falling short on revenue targets.
  • Fusion worked with the sales team to test several new revenue-generating business models which resulted in two new lines of business and 40% revenue growth in 2011.

The combination of the Revenue Projection Tool and Fusion’s onsite Chief Strategy Officer revealed several areas where money was being left on the table. 18 months later, the company exceeded the $25 million revenue glass ceiling.

To download the Revenue Projection Workbook for yourself, click here.


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